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Attorneys Whose Business is Serving Yours

Manetti Aguilera Seiler LLC

Real Estate, Commercial, and Business Attorneys

Attorneys Whose Business is Serving Yours

Business-minded and practical, MAS Law provides legal services for your business, contract and real estate needs. Our litigation and transactional attorneys take the time to realize your needs and work for the best result, ensuring your interests are protected and served.

At MAS Law, we have the experience, track record, and commitment you need. It is our business to serve your interests and rights and we do so with the aptitude and courage you’ll find unique to us.


Our firm was founded to provide a better and more effective way to solve legal problems and care for our clients.  We have transcended the norm by founding a unique, woman-owned law firm where we bring a fresh, creative and collaborative approach to the legal work that allows for innovative solutions to our clients’ legal needs.

A Custom Approach

At MAS Law, we recognize that while the governing law may be set, client’s needs are different and so we deliver individualized client attention. We strive to understand your experience and perspective so that we can create a customized legal strategy that has your needs at heart. This way, we know not only the facts of your case but you.

Creative Problem Solving with a Fresh Perspective

At MAS Law, we pride ourselves on creative problem solving. After getting to know your circumstances, we’ll take a deep dive into your legal problem and examine it with the full force of our considerable experience.

Because we’ve honed our creative problem-solving abilities through years of legal practice—through economic booms, recessions, and everything in between—we’re exceptional at thinking outside-the-box and offering strategies and solutions you’ll find only with us.

Excellent Communication During Your Legal Journey

We know how stressful the legal process can be. At MAS, we strive to transform what may be taxing to create a client experience that is as stress-free and reassuring as possible. We do this by our consistent and regular communication, so that you understand the process and the team approach to our attorney-client relationship. With this team approach, the client is vested in the process, understands each step as we proceed and is instrumental in determining the strategy of the client’s case.

During your legal journey, we will strive to ensure you understand everything you need to about your legal issues—telling you exactly what you can expect moving forward and letting you know your options so you can make an informed decision on how to move forward with confidence.

We Work for You

At MAS Law, we put our clients’ best interests first, and have cultivated a sense of mission for what we do. This ensures that you not only get legal help that's consummately professional and competent but also assistance that’s deeply caring and compassionate. It also realizes that we know legal representation is an investment in you, your business, and your future. We will keep you informed and represent you so that you can make the best decisions on that investment.

Advocacy that Never Quits

At MAS Law, we’re passionate advocates of our clients’ needs and have the tenacity, the perseverance, and the determination to fight hard for you.

Primary service areas are as follows:

Real Estate Law

We offer the acumen and knowledge to address the legal needs of real estate investors, lenders, developers, and management companies.

Creditors' Rights

MAS has represented banks and financial institutions for a combined six decades. MAS has handled thousands of foreclosures, both commercial and residential/consumer cases, as well as complex title issues, loan modifications/forbearance agreements, receiverships, and housing court related cases.

Commercial Litigation

When you’re running a business, you are going to need legal advice and representation with its transactions, disputes, and the resolution of any rights as to your persons and your business.

Contract Law

Whether you’re in need of a contract, or looking to enforce one, MAS Law can provide you the expertise for the handling of your contract issues.

Business and Corporate Law

If you own a company, we can represent it at every stage of its journey. We offer services such as corporate formation, partnership agreements, organizational structure, acquisitions, and dissolution. If you’re purchasing or selling a business, we can help.

Appellate Advocacy

At MAS Law, we see an appellate practice as integral to providing you the best representation possible. Our lawyers offer appellate experience rare to litigation firms and while your needs may never need appellate advocacy, the perspective our experience gives us will no doubt benefit you—whatever your needs.


Our Lawyer Team


Trustworthy lawyer

To my lady lawyers, you are absolutely amazing.

Susan J.

Commercial Loan Officer

Quality lawyer service

Sandra and Vanessa have proved to be solutions-oriented advocates for efficiently closing my transactions—the perfect partners for any entrepreneur.

Brandon D.

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